Audition Announcement

ProudKate Theatre Project at Profiles Theatre is holding auditions for The Ruby Sunrise by Rinne Groff during the morning and evening of Saturday, April 14th and the afternoon of Sunday, April 15th.  We are looking for four actors: three males and one female.

The Ruby Sunrise follows the story of a grease-stained tomboy who is currently living her aunt’s barn whose aptitude for science leads her to create the first prototype of the television. When Ruby’s invention literally blows up, and the play flashes from her life in 1927 Indiana to her daughter Lulu’s life in 1952 New York City, the Golden Age of television. Overall, the play examines the dashed dreams and tarnished ideals of two generations of spirited Midwestern women.
Aunt Lois/Ethel (30-60yrs): This character appears in Act I as Ruby’s Aunt Lois, a bitter woman drowning her broken heart in homemade alcohol, and in Act II as Ethel, a swaggering, sage-like, grande-dame of an actress.
Martin (30-60yrs): A big shot television producer who know how to play the game and frankly thinks that time is money; he has an eye for talent and not much gets past him.
Henry (18-25yrs): An agricultural college student and boarder of Ruby’s aunt.  He’s sweet on Ruby, but he struggles to become as important to her as her invention.  He’s also in awe of her intelligence, in spite of his traditional impression that women should remain simply domestic.
Tad (20-30yrs): An appealing television writer who takes pride in his work being high-quality during a time when the silver screen was still defining itself, battling between cheap sensation and depth. Living and working during the red scare, he doesn’t know exactly where he stands or how far he’ll go to preserve the quality of his art and ideas.
Please submit electronic headshot and resume to  Sides and information about location will be sent when audition is scheduled.

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